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Candidate information

Who Can Attend?

  • Only candidates and alumni from the participating Minnesota colleges and universities are eligible to attend this event. Due to the number of teacher candidates attending this event, we will not make any exceptions.

  • Teaching candidates and education services candidates such as school counselors, speech therapists, school social workers, and school administrators, from the participating colleges and universities are encouraged to attend.

  • Attendees must have been enrolled in an education program that led to an education license.

  • Candidates must be licensed by December 2023 or who are seeking job offers to support a Tier 2 license

How do I Register?

How do I Upload my Resume?

  • A unique feature of the Minnesota Education Job Fair is the option to pre-schedule interviews for the fair. Candidates are encouraged to upload their resumes online. The attending districts/organizations have access to view resumes and are encouraged to reach out to candidates directly to pre-schedule interviews.

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