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Floor Plan


Hmong College Prep Academy

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District/Organization Description:

Hmong College Prep Academy’s mission is to provide the best integrated, challenging, and well-rounded educational experience to students in grades K-12.

HCPA is a K-12 charter school that provides its students with a college-focused curriculum. The school is composed of over 165 licensed teachers (64-MA or higher), 20 paraprofessionals and 45 district/admin. personnel; all of whom share the ideology that all students, regardless of socio-economic background, will be given the opportunity to pursue a post-secondary education.

District/Organization hiring and interviewing instructions and processes for candidates:

Resumes will be collected and then reviewed by the hiring team. The hiring team will screen all applicants and select the candidates whose qualifications seem to most meet our needs. The qualified candidates will then be contacted to move forward in the recruitment process.

Licensure Areas Typically Hiring For:

Teaching Licenses (Elementary Education, Mathematics, Social Studies, etc.)| Administrative and Other Roles

Teaching Licenses:

Elementary Education| English as a Second Language| Health Education| Mathematics| Mathematics: Middle Level (Endorsement)| Music: Instrumental and Classroom Music| Music: Vocal and Classroom Music| Physical Education| Science: Chemistry| Science: Earth and Space Science| Science: General Science (Science 5-8)| Science: General Science: Middle Level (Science 5-8) (Endorsement)| Science: Life Sciences| Science: Physics| Social Studies| Social Studies: Middle Level (Endorsement)| Other - All

Career and Technical Education:

Special Education:

Administrative and Other Roles:

School Counselor| School Nurse| School Psychologist| School Social Worker

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Senior HR/Business Manager


Hmong College Prep Academy

1515 Brewster Street

Saint Paul



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