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Northwest Arctic Borough School District

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Northwest Arctic Borough School District

District/Organization Description:

Northwest Arctic Borough School District operates schools in eleven villages for approximately 1,850 students. Schools range in size from Deering with 30 students and 4 teachers to Kotzebue with 664 students and 54 teachers. The overall pupil/teacher ratio for the district is 14 to 1. Ninety percent of the students are Inupiaq Eskimo. An eleven member Regional School Board elected from Kotzebue and the surrounding villages governs NWABSD. In addition, each village has its own Advisory School Council. The district administration is located in Kotzebue.

District/Organization hiring and interviewing instructions and processes for candidates:


HR Director, Jancie Hadley 907.442.1810 (office phone, Alaska)

Faith Jurs, Elementary Principal, interviewer, Cell: 907.947-5246

Licensure Areas Typically Hiring For:

Teaching Licenses (Elementary Education, Mathematics, Social Studies, etc.)| Career and Technical Education (CTE)| Special Education| Administrative and Other Roles

Teaching Licenses:

Elementary Education| Mathematics| Mathematics: Middle Level (Endorsement)| Science: General Science (Science 5-8)| Science: General Science: Middle Level (Science 5-8) (Endorsement)| Social Studies

Career and Technical Education:

CTE: Early Childhood Careers

Special Education:

Special Education: Early Childhood

Administrative and Other Roles:

Principal (K-12)| School Counselor| Speech-Language Pathologist

Contact Information


M yhand

Assistant Director, H.R.


Northwest Arctic Borough School District

PO Box 51