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Internationella Engelska Skolan

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Internationella Engelska Skolan (IES) is a highly successful school group in Sweden with students receiving high grades and instruction from a diverse and energetic staff. We have around 30,000 students enrolled in our 43 schools across the country with 3,500 members of staff. Most of our schools are for students aged 10 - 16 and we follow the Swedish national curriculum. A range of subjects are taught in English.

We are now recruiting the very best teachers to join our fantastic working environment starting in early August 2022. We are looking for elementary & secondary teachers of the following subjects: Art, English, Family Studies, French, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Science, Woodwork.

District/Organization hiring and interviewing instructions and processes for candidates:

To request an interview at the job fair:
- email your resume to
- put "Minnesota" as the subject
- state your certification area in the email

Licensure Areas Typically Hiring For:

Teaching Licenses (Elementary Education, Mathematics, Social Studies, etc.)

Teaching Licenses:

Communication Arts and Literature| Communication Arts and Literature: Middle Level (Endorsement)| Elementary Education| English as a Second Language| Family and Consumer Science| Mathematics| Mathematics: Middle Level (Endorsement)| Music: Instrumental and Classroom Music| Music: Vocal and Classroom Music| Physical Education| Science: Chemistry| Science: Earth and Space Science| Science: General Science (Science 5-8)| Science: General Science: Middle Level (Science 5-8) (Endorsement)| Science: Life Sciences| Science: Physics| Technology| Visual Arts

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Special Education:

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