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Hmong College Prep Academy

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Hmong College Prep Academy

District/Organization Description:

Hmong College Prep Academy’s mission is to provide the best integrated, challenging, and well-rounded educational experience to students in grades K-12.

HCPA is a K-12 charter school that provides its students with a college-focused curriculum. The school is composed of over 165 licensed teachers (64-MA or higher), 20 paraprofessionals and 45 district/admin. personnel; all of whom share the ideology that all students, regardless of socio-economic background, will be given the opportunity to pursue a post-secondary education. Since '04, HCPA has expanded its campus five times to serve the needs of their stakeholders.

District/Organization hiring and interviewing instructions and processes for candidates:

Resumes will be reviewed and qualifying applicants will be contacted for interviews.

Licensure Areas Typically Hiring For:

Teaching Licenses (Elementary Education, Mathematics, Social Studies, etc.)| Administrative and Other Roles

Teaching Licenses:

Elementary Education| English as a Second Language| Health Education| Mathematics| Music: Vocal and Classroom Music| Physical Education| Science: Chemistry| Science: General Science (Science 5-8)| Social Studies| Other - All

Career and Technical Education:

Special Education:

Administrative and Other Roles:

School Nurse

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Hmong College Prep Academy

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