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Eagle Ridge Academy

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Eagle Ridge Academy

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Founded in 2004, Eagle Ridge Academy is a public charter school serving students in grades K-12 with over 1,400 students. The Academy’s mission is to provide its students with a traditional, Classical Education that demands their best in academic achievement, behavior and attitude and challenges them to attain their highest potential. Eagle Ridge Academy is first and foremost an academic and learning institution. The Academy endeavors to prepare all of its students for enrollment in institutions of higher learning and instill a life-long passion for learning. The Academy expects its students to be successful in areas outside of academics and understands that participation in other activities make a well-rounded person. ERA is an academically rigorous program. Students are expected to follow the Pillars of the Academy, which include Citizenship, Integrity, Perseverance, Honor, Excellence, and Respect.

District/Organization hiring and interviewing instructions and processes for candidates:

Licensure Areas Typically Hiring For:

Teaching Licenses (Elementary Education, Mathematics, Social Studies, etc.)| Special Education| Administrative and Other Roles

Teaching Licenses:

Communication Arts and Literature| Elementary Education| Health Education| Mathematics| Music: Instrumental and Classroom Music| Music: Vocal and Classroom Music| Physical Education| Science: Chemistry| Science: General Science (Science 5-8)| Science: Life Sciences| Science: Physics| Social Studies| Visual Arts| World Languages and Cultures

Career and Technical Education:

Special Education:

Special Education: Academic and Behavioral Strategist (mild to moderate only)| Special Education: Autism Spectrum Disorders| Special Education: Developmental Adapted Physical Education (Endorsement)| Special Education: Developmental Disabilities| Special Education: Emotional Behavioral Disorders| Special Education: Learning Disabilities| Special Education: Physical and Health Disabilities

Administrative and Other Roles:

School Counselor| School Nurse

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Eagle Ridge Academy

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